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55 Roadmaster Guage Needles

Paul Falabella

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we're going to pickle your brain

I've been working on that for a long time now... and with all the promised beers, it should be no problem. :D

Would that be the same color for '53's as well?

Probably... I used it with equally good results on a 51 Ford truck instrument needles. My first attempt at refinishing the needles was on my convertible. I went to paint store and had some custom mixed ($$) that matched exactly the unfaded portion of a gauge. I was way too dark after installation. So I went the other direction and used the fluorescent orange thinking I would have to tone it down a bit, but it turned out to be a dead match.


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OK, did the clock, gas and ammeter.Painted the needles(Krylon 3101 Flour. Red/Orange) Cleaned the lenses(some plastic crazing,nothing to do about that) and wire wheeled the bezels.

Look a 100% better.

Question. Anything special need to be done to remove the Oil Pressure and Water Temp Guages?


PS These gauges are not fun to remove!

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