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Hemmings Muscle car and BAT Riv mentions


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Heads up on two interesting Riv mentions worth seeing:

1. The latest edition of Hemmings Muscle Car magazine has an in depth rebuild of a 401. Interestingly, they talk a lot about the torque intentions Buick had in mind versus the SB Chevy motors of the day, oil seepage issues that lead to the valve cover configuration etc. It's a good read.

2. Today on BAT (Bring a trailer) online there is a great vintage photo of a new 63 Riv pulling a 63 Ferrari GTO on a trailer. Very cool and something you don't see every day. Apparently the owner was a SFO area Buick and Ferrari dealer in the early sixties. If you don't subscribe to BAT, you should, every day is an odd collection of cars for sale.

Enjoy. PRL

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