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Nitrophyl float


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I think I would trust a mechanical method before an adhesive solution. Can the float be held in place on the slotted brass strip with copper wire and soldered, sort of like a cage around the float??

Interesting! I was contemplating tiny screws to attach the slotted strip to the nitrophyl. The float slides within a tube to guide it. The original float was 2 cubes soldered together with the strip on top of it, but it has sunk due to cracks. It is 1.25" square x 2.625", with a hole in the middle for the gage spiral. If I understand your suggestion, the copper wire goes all around the float and is attached to the strip at both ends. Unless inset at the bottom to miss the hole, this would interfere with the gage spiral pass-thru. Makes me wonder if 2 parallel wires at the top would work in place of the strip.

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