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Looking for a well restored 65 Riviera


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Hi, we have our 65, which we love but I'm exploring the option of getting a better condition 65 as an alternative to restoring ours.

I'm going to be in California in a coupla weeks and just writing here in case someone is looking to sell or has a friend looking to sell a 65.

Thinking it could be a well restored car or a car that simply needs a new paint job. I live on the coast and the car spends 100% of its time within 3 miles of the ocean so it'd have to be a rust free car.

Sorry to be a pest - just throwing it out there, cos ya never know what's around. I'm keeping an eye on craigslist (where I found our car in KC, thanks again Ed!)

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Guest Dialtone

Yeah I now wish I would of made the short drive to Vegas to check out that 65 a month ago. But the pics he had up prior weren't good at all. And the interior color scheme totally turned me off. But the new pictures the car looks much better, I'd take it if the body was straight and clean, and just spend around $1k on changing the interior color to black.

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Nope! You've got the entire weight of the frame, running gear, and engine hanging from the body bolts. There was a thread about using these kinds of lifts. If you search you can find it. It shows how a cross arm for the lift was made that fit under the frame.

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