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October Bugle


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FAN-DAMN-TASTIC job on the National Meet Issue!

If I hadn't been there, this would be the next best thing.

I especially liked the feature on my favorite of all time, the 1954 Wildcat II (replica).

I haven't finished it yet, but I can barely put it down.

Thanks for your hard work and effort on this beautiful, FULL-COLOR magazine!

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Guest 1951 Buick

The October Bugle is indeed a thing of beauty! There is a person that really deserves most of the praise for how great the Bugle looks every month, but she works "behind the scene". Pete's articles are always fantastic, and the pictures are great, but without the talents of the BCA Bugle Layout Technician, Cindy Wynn Livingston, it would not be nearly as impressive as it is. Cindy took over the layout and graphics work on the Bugle at the same time Pete became the Editor. Cindy quickly made bold and imaginative changes to the bland layout that we used to have and the result is a monthly magazine that our members really look forward to reading. She has more changes in mind for future issues, so be prepared for another leap forward in the looks and content of the Bugle magazine. Cindy Wynn Livingston is a BCA "unsung hero"! Give her a round of applause here on the BCA Forum, please!

Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202

BCA Office Managers

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Mike is absolutely right to sing Cindy's praises! Cindy has been very helpful whenever our Chapter has had a request. Thank you Cindy and Pete, for all thw work you both do to make this a premium magazine each month. Can't wait to get my October edition...

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JD, Armpit of the world, so I've heard Albany, NY, no wait that was Troy, NY, home of RPI, why don't you go to the e-bugle and check it out there and see my picture and the listing for the senior preservation award for a trailered 1986 Grand National with under 12k miles, and it doesn't say it was trailered or had under 12k miles, but it did and so I did it, just cause I could. LOL!

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