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Race of Gentlemen Wlldwood, Nj


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Guest BigDogDaddy

Looks like a great event. I noticed a Tucker in the pics of the event. Nobody, but nobody rat rods a Tucker. There is / was a company in Jersey that made Tucker reproductions. I wonder if this is one of their cars ?


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If it was Oct. 20 in 2012, it would seem 2013 will be weekend after next. I will try to find out more. Don't think I could make it, but I will try to find more if no one else responds with more info. Would have hoped to see more of the cars in motion. Back in the '50s, things were kind of "wild" in Wildwood, for sure. Lot of memories for a guy from eastern PA. Hauled a couple of bikes in an old LaSalle hearse.


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