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A few pics from the Fall Carlisle event

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This was my first time attending any event at the Carlisle show grounds I went on the insistance of a friend.It has always been hard for me to justify the travel/lodging and time expense related to going to out of state swapmeets since I'm so close to the Charlotte venue for the Auto Fair where I have been setting up as a vendor since 2000.

The weather was fine and we all had a great time.I was not a big spender but I did find a red glass lens for my mid twenties Buick taillight for $12.00,I feel real good about that purchase.

Here are some of the pictures that I took:






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Darn! I was there Saturday and thought I covered every square inch of Carlisle looking for a 68-69 Buick GS convertible and never saw that olive green beauty midway through your pics. By chance did you snap a pic of the for sale sign with the #????

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I think that's just the shadows. But it's hard to tell. Looks like it has 15" rims on it but you can't really see anything else in the picture, and I never saw the car myself. Hector, were your pictures taken on Saturday?

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Thanks for the great pics JohnD. Helps those of us that couldn't make it. Very nice selection. This year I drove past the Carlisle swap meet Friday on the turnpike as my interest in antique motorcycles won out. I travelled on east a bit further to Jefferson PA for the Antique Motorcycle Club of America end of year swap meet.

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