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Clutch Disk for 1950 DeSoto

Guest Irv D

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Anyone know where I can get an NOS or OEM clutch disc for a 1950 DeSoto (S-14) Custom 6 cyl?

Or, in lieu of a new disc, where I can get mine relined by a reputable shop - anywhere in upstate NY?

Thanks..........Irv D

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Commodore -

Thanks for your reply to my post. I ordered parts from Bernbaum (oldmoparts.com) - but the disk was newly manufactured and not the same as my original, which created a new "grinding problem" that was not there before. Vintage Auto Parts had the disc, but not the pressure plate or throw-out bearing. I located a place that rebuilds the original parts (Borg & Beck). It is H.R. Clutches in Bensalem, PA. I have ordered parts from them and, hopefully, they will be the correct ones.

Thanks again.................Irv D

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