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Need to get that steering wheel off and near Rochester, NY?

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I finally broke down and purchased the bearing separator from Horror Fright to use as the backing plate to pull off the steering wheel on my '46 Champion. It worked like a charm. This is for the older wheels that do not have threaded holes in the wheel for a regular puller.

If anyone is local and would like to borrow this let me know. I got it on sale and the cashier gave me a 25% coupon too, but the more it gets used the more worthwhile it will feel.


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Sorry about that. Yes, it was a purchase from Harbor Freight exactly as seen in the link posted above. I am not fond of the store since the quality is often so poor. If you saw how poor the threads were on the two castings you'd understand. The quality can't even be disguised by the thick paint. I looked at it two weeks ago and couldn't bring myself to buy it and then finally broke down. It feels like I am sinning against my country, but far less than the politicians are.

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