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New Guy-1969 Saab 96 Deluxe-Need to talk to Owners

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For my birthday on Sept 18, I purchased a 1969 Saab 96 Deluxe. Car is nearly rust free. I am waiting for a Haynes manual to arrive before I do much more. Current issues- when warm, will not idle lower than about 1500 rpm, very erratic and dies. Starts back up with no problem. May have a bad power brake booster. I think it doesn't function. Brakes are hard but stop car just fine. Twice, the pedal went down about 1.5 inches, thought I heard air leaking, and brakes seem to hang. Most everything else is OK including freewheeling. Biggest problem is going to be finding bits and pieces. I ordered an inside rearview mirror and fuse box cover from England. Got a spare wheel and some chrome trim coming from Oregon. Car is a real attention getter, should be fun.

Any V4 owners out there?

Jimmy Jenkins

Port St Lucie, FL

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