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47 super not charging

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To all; Last night we went for a ride in the late evening, the heater was on as well as the headlamps about half way through our ride the AMP gauge started fluctuating from charge to discharge and finally went to dischage, the car has a relatively new Standard brand voltage regulator on it, replace about a year ago for the same problem. Last time it has definitely the voltage regulator, the points were burned up, but this time I'm not sure as the regulator seems to be operating fine.

If anyone has some help or suggestions with this it would be appreciated.

Don Young

1947 Model 56 C

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Just because something's new doesn't mean it's good!

Here's a neat (easily googled) website that may help...


Problems with that procedure: if the car has the original 'push-gas-pedal' start system, it will not start with the generator disconnected; polarizing is not necessary if it was recently working.

Easiest to swap the regulator with your spare (you do have a spare, don't you :rolleyes:)...if no joy remove the generator for testing/repair. Of course check all connections and grounds.


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I would check the battery to be sure it has no shorted cells. If not, give the battery a full charge. Run a jumper wire from the F or field terminal on the regulator to a good ground. Start the engine and run it at a fast idle and see if the ammeter indicates it is charging. If it is charging, you have a defective regulator or one that needs adustment. If it does not show a charge then most likely the generator is faulty or there is a wiring problem somewhere. It is always best to check all grounds and connections anyway. Good luck.

Joe, BCA 33493

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Fixed the old girl this AM, bad volage regulator, put on my spare and the proplem went away. I guess that does prove just because its new etc. That being said has anyone else had problems with Standard product durabilty. or should I be looking for another source, the reg on it now is used and would like to replace it with new.

Thanks Don Young

1947 model56C

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