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Cars and parts auction

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Estate auction of Hank Lake of Duluth Minnesota of August 4 2001<BR>Auction includes restored '11 Cadillac, '15 and '23 Model Ts, and '16 Republic Truck. Partially restored or original '30 Ford, '31 Chev, '17 Buick, '18 Kissel truck, '23 Dodge,'31 Chev and others. Parts cars, restored tractor, horse drawn buggy etc. Thousands of auto parts and misc. Also including RR items, Cobalt blue lantern and others. <BR>For a flyer call Cresent Auctions at 218-724-5344 or 218-485-8778 or you can e-m me at jfinn@computerpro.com for a digital picture of the flyer.

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