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Home made tools for restoration & maintenance of 1923 Cadillac

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I found a box of home made tools, adaptors and other specialty made items for working on a V8 1923 Cadillac. I believe there are 23 items in the box all marked as to their use. Some of the tags are things like brake adjustment tool, fan shaft to generator puller, water pump drive shaft bearing housing removal tool and so-on. These probably work on any mid-1920's Cadillac with a V8 but I'm not familiar with these cars. I got these when I cleaned out the garage of a deceased collector who had a 1923 Cadillac.

The entire box of tools $125. They will be in the Hershey Flea Market at space 3CK14-27 if you are interested.

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One of the old timers told me they set aside 1/3 of price of repair ,,,

to making tools to do the job,,Two friends opening up shop after the war,,,1920,,

Around 1930 they bought a '25 Loco' town car ,and converted to wrecker,,By 1950

the shop had 4counter men 5 mechanics,,foreman,,and super,,

This was in Waltham Ma,,""Watch City"",,,Home of largest watch factory in the World,,

also 6 steam cars and Orient-Metz,,,,Mel said they made most of their own tools,,

So these could be shop made,,by mechanis of the day,,,Note,,Workmanship,,


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