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Gauging interest and price information on my 36 Dodge 5 window Coupe


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It's a 1936 5 Window Coupe. The whole car has surface rust but rust through is only on the pasenger side floor pan where your feet would rest and that spot is about half as big as the battery box opening. Also the extreme lower body behind the driver's door and the rail below the driver's door.

All glass and rubber will need to be replaced. Do not have the original engine but do have one 218 and one 230. No original transmission.

Missing dash panel for driver's side (false glove box door?) I'd say body is 95% complete but needs full restoration. Interior needs seat and panels and full restoration. It's mostly all there and being a west coast (AZ) car it's relatively rust free.

Any thoughts about price would be appreciated. I may need to sell this because of life events.

Thanks in Advance.

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