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1921 Paige Larchmont II

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Nice car from a seldom-seen make! At first I thought it was the

same blue Paige touring car that was shown at the A.A.C.A's

Eastern National Spring Meet in Carlisle, Penna. this year--

but that one was a 1923!

Paiges paid especial attention to styling in those years, probably

more so than other makes.

You should put your asking price and contact information in this

forum. Not only are those the forum rules, but they'll help people

contact you better. All the best to you!

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Guest Brando & Joanne

I saw the listing on youtube and ebay, but unless you do not want to sell your car until the bidding is complete we need an idea of what your asking price is. Perhaps a buy it now price would help. Thanks.

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Just for a bit of closure on this thread:

I see that the Paige did indeed sell on Ebay.

There were 11 bids, and the indicated selling price

was $22,020.

It amazes me that people are willing to spend

tens of thousands of dollars sight-unseen. Clearly

the seller conveyed his trustworthiness on that sale.

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My last post did not download. I still have the Paige. It was listed on Ebay asking for US bidders only. I did not want to deal with international wires and other possible forms of payment. I got bids from France,Mexico, England and Spain. Spain being the winning bidder. I know that there are many international sales and transfers completed but I did not want to deal with it. We agreed to void the sale.

I will try again in the Spring through AACA magazine and Hemmings. Maybe bring it to Hershey. I will have some time to do a little maintainence and gather up spare parts before I list it again.

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Mr. Mopar31, sorry to hear you're selling your Paige if you

really want to keep it. But you're right that ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE,

the A.A.C.A. magazine, is a great place to sell. And I've noticed

that if cars are fairly priced, they do indeed sell.

Isn't there also some sort of Paige registry? There used to be

someone who more or less tracked all the known Paiges.

If there's a way to put out feelers through him, to sell your car,

that's another option.

And by all means post a few pictures on this Forum! Photos

will give a lot more attention to your posting.

All the best.

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Guest myold88

John-I always thought the same thing about sight unseen purchases.

When I said this to my Son he reminded my there are guys that drop $20,000+ in Vegas in one night.

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