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1924 model 51 trunk


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I have the trunk off a 1924 -51 brougham that I parted out years ago. Was saving it "just in case" but I'll probably never need it. Right?

It needs some fixing and I don't have a picture as of yet. It took a long time just for me to list it. I'm asking $50 if you pick it up. I don't want to ship it.

I am located on Long Island. Reply to bimorph ( at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks for your interest if you're interested.


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Never assume anything especially as to a collector getting rid of anything.  The good news is that I still have it.   The bad news is that I have since moved and it's now in storage.

I will be digging it out in the next few months.  Do you have a 24-51?   I do have a few parts for it. 

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