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Stuff I'm looking to buy at Hershey, NOS parts lots of all makes and other items

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I figure it was worth throwing this out there.

I will be at Hershey Tuesday through Friday looking to buy NOS parts. I'm looking for pretty much all makes. Of course the usual FOMOCO Mopar and GM but also interested in Studebaker Hudson even AMC. I'm mainly looking for 1970 or older Mostly OEM parts. I actually like the 1930's-1960 best. Interested in all types of stuff, Especially by the box full. Always buying switches, Gauges, Lock Sets, Small service parts, emblems, Badges, small moldings, Steering wheels, Horn Buttons, Door handles, Gas and Radiator caps, radio Delete plates, Accessories, Pedal pads, Lenses, small interior stuff etc. Pretty much everything except heavy large suspension parts, Sheetmetal and some engine stuff. Small OEM engine parts I may be interested in. If you have a few boxes laying in the corner of your garage of parts in good shape (NOS only) Bring them along and let me know where you are. I'll make it a point to swing by your spot. I prefer buying by the box load. It's a good chance to clean out the garage and get a few bucks in cash to spend while you're at the show. It's hard to see everything so please let me know ahead of time where you are and what type of stuff you have.

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