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'57 Buick Paint Color


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Guest Rob McDonald

GARY, Dover White is not yellowish, nor is it pure white. It's a "cold" white, with a hint of blue-green. The attached colour chip looks pretty accurate, on my screen anyway. This photo, posted by TG57Roadmaster a couple of years ago, shows how Dover White contrasts with a warm Garnet Red.



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If the whole car is white, pick a shade that suits you and is a current production color that is easy to duplicate or is available for touch-up.

If the car is 2-tone, pick a white that compliments the adjacent color. For instance the 55 dover white is a little yellowish and compliments Cherokee Red and Condor Yellow, but looks nasty next to Cadet Blue.

If there are 4 restored cars at a show with Dover White paint, none will match...and none will match the original car.


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Thanks Guys for the input. The paint was being mixed using the orginial PPG code but was FAR from correct. The car had been repainted once and it was definately the wrong white. I opened the glove box this AM and found that the inside of the door still had the orginal sticker/label on it so we picked a color that was as close as we could get. Now if there are 5 restored Dover White cars in a row there will still be five different colors!!!

Thanks again!!


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