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CRT Rpair Service


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I Need some Help!

At one point in the distant past there was a repair shop in the Chicago area that would fix Reatta CRT displays for a reasonable price. I have lost track of these people, does anyone know a reputable repair shop for these displays. I appreciate any help anyone can give.

Best regards,


Howard A Vaughn

Managing Director

Launch Capacity, LLC

8143 Linden Ave

Munster, IN 46321

C: 219-902-2369


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I did some research into several different sources for repair of our Reatta CRTs. While I have yet to send in my periodically wonky CRT (a few other gremlins have my attention at the moment), I settled on Eddy Voland. He does the repair for $150 plus shipping. Here is his current ebay buy-it-now.


If you don't want to be without a CRT for the couple of weeks turnaround, do as I did and purchase a tested good CRT (likely will have the periodic squiggly display issue that plagues these 25 year old units). Send in that one or swap out and have the original one refurbished. As the CRT is so integral to our 88/89 models, I am going to have Eddie go through both of my CRTs, one at a time, so that I will end up with a refurbished spare should I need it down the road.

There are a few others (more expensive) that send you a refurbished unit with a core charge that you get on return of your defective CRT, but Eddie simply repairs your existing CRT.

David T.

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I believe the Chicagoland repair shop you are referring to is REX Services in Worth, IL.

I'd used them in the past and was satisfied with their service.

About a year ago, I contacted them about repairing another CRT and was told they are no longer taking them.

This situation may have changed and you may want to contact them to be sure.

I've heard nothing but good about Eddie Voland and his work. If REX still doesn't accept our CRT's, you can find his services on Ebay.

Just type *Reatta CRT* in the search box.

There are other vendors that can be found by clicking on the *Reatta Resources* "sticky" at the top of the threads list.

John F.

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There is also a fellow in Colorado who repairs them.

George Pleshko (303) 421 4869 geo.di67@netzero.net

He is very good and I have used him several times.

Here is a copy of an email from him to me.


Here is what I have going.

I am offering 3 classifications of repair based on the DATE CODE of the CRT Unit.

( Silver ) $195.00 plus shipping, Date Codes between 7XXX and 8100

( Gold ) $245.00 " " " " " 8101 and 8300

( Platinum ) $295.00 plus shipping Date Codes between 8300 and 9XXX

Differances are because of the condition of the Unit. eg. GOOD, VERY GOOD and

EXCELENT. All units are up-graded to the same level internally.

For customers wanting their units repaired, Price is $195.00 regardless of the Date Code

For customers wanting an exchange unit, a credit of between $25.00 and $45.00 will be

returned depending on the condition of the exchange unit.

All CRT units are warranted for 12 months from date of shipping.

I hope this information is helpfull. Thanks, George Pleshko

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Guest my3buicks

Eddy Voland's turnaround is a few days, send it on a Monday it's back by the end of the week - let's not exaggerate turnaround time to sell your own products.

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What is it like attempting to drive an 88 or 89 without the CRT operating or even in the vehicle? I do remember that mine got wavy seven years ago in hot weather, but that only lasted for a few hours. Mine is still OE, never touched as far as I know.


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Guest my3buicks

Tom, I drove mine while my CRT was out, all the major needed items are there for your use, wipers, signals, lights, defrost front & rear - you can't adjust your inside temp, listen to the radio, etc. etc, the frills LOL

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