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I think it is somewhat common knowledge that I work pretty hard to get parts. [Without buying cars] And that other then the "bling" [CRT's Instrument clusters, Switches] I am always on the lookout for ABS Wheel Sensors. I started this quest about 3 weeks ago with a different idea. I would call around to "northern rust states" for spindles. My thoughts were that while the ABS Sensor heads would be rusted in, the leads would be good.

What I did was go to www.car-part.com and look for salvage yards that have more then one Reatta listed and call and order all the spindles they had. I started in Michigan and found a yard that had 5 spindles listed for the right side and 5 for the left. That gave me 10 front ABS leads. I could buy them at $25.00 each plus freight. So to start I called the yard [Complete Auto and Truck Parts 810-235-9166] and spoke to a man named Paul. He confirmed that they had some, he also asked if I would be interested in the rear leads as well. Because I like selling my leads in sets of 4 [2 front/2 rear] I ordered 4 sets, with the understanding that the spindles I would get would have real nice leads and that he would test them for Ohms resistance.

When the package arrived I was real apprehensive as it was one large box and the box had become distorted in shipping. [it was heavily taped so was intact]. I opened the box up and every lead with the exception of two rear leads were ruined. It appears that the person who packaged the order up misunderstood what Paul wanted. Rather then wrapping each one up individually, they were wrapped 4 front spindles together, 4 rear spindles together. They slide one against the other pretty much ruining them for resale.

So I called Paul and he said he was sorry and he would check into it. He also told me he just got 3 more Reattas in and he wanted to try again. [He calls himself the Reatta King of Michigan].

I just now got off the phone with Paul and he is in the process of pulling the spindles and this time will CUT THEM OUT OF THE SPINDLES and send them to me at NO CHARGE.

I know we have some excellent used parts vendors here and that we should support them as well, but if you need parts from elsewhere I would highly recommend Paul at Complete Auto and Truck.

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Well it took some time to get the replacement ones for the ones that were damaged in shipment. It appears that Paul had shipped some leads to replace the ones that were damaged in the original order. Well the replacement order got damaged by UPS and ended up in Atlanta. He then sent me more leads to replace the ones that were damaged/lost by UPS and they arrived yesterday. I now have a "lifetime supply" of front leads [7]. Not all of them are "retail grade" but with my idea of heat shrink are very workable.

For my trouble he sent me a free 88/89 Reatta Headlight Switch. Nice guy, I recommend the company. [Complete Auto and Truck Parts 810-235-8144] He is located in Flint and buys every Reatta he can.

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A little update regarding the heat shrink idea I had. I am convinced that this works. I have 3000 miles on the test and have driven through bad weather and were they once would have "shorted" out, with the heat shrink they are now well insulated. What we did with some remaining leads that were done was I held them in the "work" position that the lead would be in while my buddy used the heat gun to shrink the tubing. The result was that they now look very correct and I think there is plenty of flex for them to work well. Appearance wise they look good as well.

I will post pictures in the next few days showing the first ones and then the later ones and you can see what I mean. In my opinion this is the future [trying to repair them] as purchasing new is difficult or impossible. There is a guy over on ebay selling his new stock for over $500.00. These had a retail of $119.00 at Advance less then 2 years ago.

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Just curious if you are using heatshrink with the heat activated adhesive on the inside? That seals significantly better against moisture than non-adhesive heat shrink. Normal heatshrink, while good, still will allow moisture, over time, to creep in.

Currently, all my ABS sensors are working properly, but I am all for proactive maintenance on items such as the aging ABS sensor leads. Looking forward to your pics.

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It only cost a bit more to get the heat activated heat shrink. I did that because I wanted to overlap the heat shrink onto the rubber mounts located on the sensor leads. I figured less risk of a seal breakdown because of the flexing of the leads as the car goes down the road.

Pics coming soon.

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