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FOR SALE - 1955 Buick Special Riviera 2dr hardtop 46R - Great color combo!

Guest DF_Pack

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Guest DF_Pack


I have for sale a 2 door 1955 Buick Special Riviera hardtop, body style 46R. The odometer shows 74,890 miles, which should be original based on the condition of the interior. The car is in very nice driver’s quality condition. Much of the interior is still factory original, it was repainted many years ago and the chrome is in presentable condition (the pics do tend to make it look better overall than it really is). The car is a pleasure to drive, and is very reliable. The following are a list of all the recent refurbishments:

Engine and fuel system:

Gas tank chemically dipped, pin holes brazed up, repainted to look like galvanized metal, per original factory design

New gas tank sending unit (float had a pin hole)

Rebuilt fuel pump

Rebuilt carburetor

New water pump

3 new freeze plugs (1 in block, 2 others in cyl heads)

Exhaust manifolds removed, cleaned up and reinstalled with gaskets at cyl head (there were none from the factory, but the manifolds had warped over time and were leaking at the mounting points)

New gaskets installed between exhaust manifolds and crossover pipe

Repaired stuck heat riser valve

Boiled out radiator, new overflow tube, new 7# cap

New upper and lower radiator hoses



New carpet in the factory correct color and “daytona” short loop pile

Repaired front seat frames and seat springs

Reupholstered front seat using factory correct vinyl and fabric from SMS Fabric

Reupholstered front arm rests

Restored steering wheel, new horn ring

Repainted dash top

Repainted door caps

New front kick panels

Repaired rear seat cushion

New rear package shelf and shelf trim

Suspension, brakes and wheels:

Rebuilt master cylinder

4 new wheel cylinders

New front anti-roll bar bushings

New front shocks

Newer tires

New hubcap badges


New wipers/wiper arms

Rejuvenated paint work (The paint was a bit thin on the front driver’s fender, and there was a little bit of burn through, unfortunately. You can see it in a few pics, near the ventiports.)

There are still a few lingering things that could be addressed in the future:

Tranny still leaks a bit

Rear shocks could be rebuilt at some point

Tail light and rear bumper chrome should be addressed at some point

Slight exhaust leak somewhere up front. Not overly loud, does make the car sound a bit “throaty-er”

I have plenty more pictures that I can send, and have receipts for all work done and parts. I am happy to answer any questions, or have someone come out to take a look at the car. The car is located in NE Ohio.

I am asking $16,000. I can be contacted at 216.538.5120, or can be emailed at denniswfowler@yahoo.com.








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Thanks for the extra photos, your interior is exactly the same style as mine and it is in beautiful condition.

That is a vey nice car you have there and if I didn't already have one I would certainly consider it.

I hope you have success in selling it.

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Guest DF_Pack


I purchased the carpet set from Original Auto Interiors out of Columbus, Michigan. Prices were reasonable, and were very nice to deal with. Carpet literally dropped right in. I needed someone that had the correct shorter cut pile length used on Specials.


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