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Need help identifying frame (30s??)


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My nephew was recently clearing some land and ran across this old vehicle frame and wire wheel.

From the style of the wire wheel, my guess is something in the 1930s.

Can any of you guys help identify what this may belong to?






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With all respect, I think we need to take another look at this frame. The 1934 Chevrolet Master used a "Y-K" frame, and had a knee-action front end. The frame in question here is of ladder construction, and uses a leaf spring front end. That leaves us with 1934 Chevrolet Standard. The partial view we have of brake drum suggests that it has six lugs. The 1934 Standard uses five. We need more pictures, especially of the wheel, to properly identify this frame.

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Perhaps it's a 1935 Chevy frame.....click on image a few times to enlarge. The Standard (second from the top) may be correct.

The rear spare mount looks the same for 1934 and 1935. That is why I thought it was a 1934 frame.

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