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32 chevy value

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Good morning all. I was wondering if anyone could give a ballpark estimate of what kind of value a 32 chevy might be worth. My father in law bought it 20 years ago from a family who's son had taken it apart and left for vietnam and did not make it back. So its been in pieces for fifty years indoors. It is a 4 door deluxe straight six with trunk box. No rust. All the parts are there. The frame was blasted primed and painted all suspension reassembled with wheels redid in the original beige color so its a rolling frame again. I do not deal in chevys so this vehicle is out of my knowledge base. Welcome any thoughts on this you might have. Thanks and have a blessed day.

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Put it on ebay with a reserve for the minimum you want and hope for the best.

If you are too low, the price will rise to the actual value.

Your risk is a buyer will get it to put a Chevy V8 in it.

Do an ebay search for 1932 Chevrolet and select all "Completed Listings".

As of 9/30/2013 there are 3 unsold units in various states of assembly.

The assembled car did not get above 10,000.

I have seen very nice cars go for 16,000 to 20,000.

Estimate the assembly hours, engine rebuild cost, paint, interior and deduct from finished value.

The unassembled car, coupe, bid was less than $1,900.

An assembled car cost about 1.25 or so a mile to ship, not sure what a pile of parts will run.

You will need to keep in mind, the cost to the buyer to move everything.

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