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Help ID this engine


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Repost from the Pontiac Forum

I have been looking and searching, but I haven't been able to find the info I need. I was told the engine was from a 1950 Pontiac. The only numbers I can find are GM 3 514386 top of head, half way down from the thermostat. I took off the paint from the L side "lip" and saw 1 and 7 (7 further apart than the 1 is). Right in front of the thermostat is J17. There are 4 freeze plugs per side. Bottom left of the oil filler, shows 3320. Distributor number is 1110222 9M21 Delco Remy. I have found info on the location of engine ID on all Pontiac motors, other than mine, seems like. I do need to order a tune up kit, I thought it would help to know what year car the engine came out of.

Can anyone tell me where to look, and does anyone know from the info that I provided what year is my motor?


Thank you guys ​





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Guest Commodore

OK the distributor is for a 1950 -1952 and the carburetor is for a 1949 -1952. The date code (9M21) on the distributor decodes as Dec. 21, 1949. The cylinder head number is unknown. The reason there is no serial number stamped on the engine is that this is a replacement engine and the mechanic stamped 17 on the engine for some reason. You can order tune up parts from Standard Motor Products by distributor number. See link.


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Guest Commodore

Here is the Delco date codes for months. "I" was not used as it looks like a 1.

Jan - A, Feb- B, Mar - C, Apr - D, May -E, Jun -F, Jul - G, Aug - H, Sep - J, Oct - K, Nov - L, Dec - M.

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