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1930's? Desoto grille? Emblem or badge with moulding to which year?


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I found this in a box of random parts I bought a while ago. It's in decent shape for the age. I ran it through all the Pictures I could find online and nothing seems to match. It looks like a grille part to me except it's kind of small for that. The molding looks like it attaches to an upper and lower horizontal molding. Any Ideas? It looks like it has stone dings so I would think front end but maybe it is something for the trunk. It has a slight curve to it but not like you would expect for a nose molding.






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Wow that was fast. DO you know every 30's Mopar part by heart or just 99 percent of them? Thanks Keiser for the ID. Now I just hope someone is looking for it.

I would have gotten to it faster, but I was out to dinner. I guess I can attribute knowing a lot of the small stuff on these cars to my wanting to know all about them when I was a kid.

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