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Will E Track work as a good Winch Attachment ?

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Hello all,

I have an enclosed 25' V nose with Dove Tail.

I am going to be installing the E track tie down system along with a 10K power winch.

Looking at different options at the moment.

While jogging the Ol Brain it occured to me that if I built a plate to hold the winch and utilized the E track attachments, similar to a 5th wheel hitch that has a four point attachment to the bed rails, I could technically position the winch in any part of the track, front to back of trailer ( to alleviate the Roller that the cable would have to go over on the Dove tail transition ).

Like this...


My question is: Has anyone ever done this ? Also, I assume the Sheet metal screws that attach the track to the trailer are NOT sufficient, and that I would have to add bolt/nut hardware.

Will the weight dispersement over the entire track hold up ?? Or am I wishful thinking ??

The other option is welding in a receiver hitch up front and make a plate that will attach, but then I need to figure out the dovetail transition.

Thanks for any info !


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Too late now ...

But - if this was a new trailer you ordered,

you can add the ' winch mounting plate ' option

Crawl under the trailer and see if you have room

between the wood floor & the frame to slide a

piece of flat thin steel stock metal directly below where your winch would mount ....

If not - you may need to have (2) or more

pieces which you can find at Lowe's or Home Depot

Position your winch above - check to see the

(4) frame mounting holes will clear the floor

and not go into the framing members ....

Then - drill pilot holes and double check the

pattern to make sure it matches before you drill

out the holes

You might have to get longer bolts than the

ones supplied by the manufacturer to give

enough clearance thru the wood floor ... Twocents.gif

I installed my roller fairlead directly in

front of my winch - I mounted it to the floor

I have a 9000 pound Badlands winch mounted in

my enclosed trailer in this manner - I use it

daily sometimes

Good Luck !

Jim drive.gif

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Winch plate under the floor - winch with deep cycle battery in box - 68' Corvette !




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