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1955 Century wagon

Earl B.

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Wow Earl what a find. Rare, from a rust free climate. This is one case where if I had the $, and I might, I would not haggle much. Most cars aren't worth the asking price but this one probably is in what you would probably save in body work.

Now my question for the experts. Is this maybe an original paint car? All white with white and desert tan interior? Roof rack correct accessory or factory? I love the desert tan dash.

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Not to discourage, but maybe some negotiating points - it's not necessarily from a rust free climate. That's a Washington plate on there. Might be ok, but how long was the hood gone before it was replaced? Why was the hood gone? Anything left under there? There's a head on the front seat so the engine may be gone or toast... Rust showing around the back windows and tailgate doors...

Keep checking Phoenix for Buicks if you're serious - I saw a couple in the last week or two that if my garage wasn't so full already... There is a '55 Century Riviera asking under $3k.... http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/4082298122.html

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