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Can anyone identify this part?

Pete Phillips

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Last weekend I was helping David Corbin's widow sort through the old Buick parts in his garage (anyone need a spare 320 engine?), and came across a box of these, which I cannot identify. They look like something that was made recently--he always had a project or two going on. These are too big to be valve springs (about two inches in diameter measured across the spring). The closest thing I can think of is the spring in a power brake diaphragm but David was more into the 1938 and 1939 Buicks.



Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Tx


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Hey Pete, what's the other end look like. I think it's a thingabob for a whatamacallit. LOL!

Maybe "the old guy" will be able to call it something closer.

BTW, we were just talking about Dave and Terry Dunham in the last couple of days, mostly how we miss them!

Thanks for helping Dave's wife, too!

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