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Anti-theft problem

Guest Riviera95

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Guest Riviera95


Does anyone knows why my anti-theft

system just does not allow me to start my car?

There is a "security" light on the dashboard and the car is now stopped for 2 hours!

I simply cannot make the engine starts! As per info, there is a kind of chip on the key...

Many thanks!


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My '93 was having intermittent starting problems but after 10 minutes I could usually get it restarted. The mechanic who does most of the work on these "electronic mysteries" told me the key has a resistance chip built into it. If the little wires inside the column don't make contact at the correct resistance, the system shuts down for 10 minutes. He found the resistance wires at the base of the steering column and soldered a resistor in between them. Now the chip in the key is bypassed. Starts every time. This sounds like the problem you're having with your '95, but I don't know any particulars for that year. Have you tried the other key?


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Guest onedesertdog

Probably doesn't pertain to your situation, but my daughter's car started fine. When she unlocked the door with the remote and went to restart it, the security light was on and wouldn't start. Apparently somehow she hit disable on the remote. Car would not start, and then we started hitting alarm disarm buttons on the remote with the key in the ignition, and it started right up. We still don't know what combo she hit to make it disarm.

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