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Possible new speedster project!

Dwight Romberger

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Hi All,

I am thinking about buying this 20's roadster parts car to make a speedster. Would anybody with a trailer coming to Hershey from the Flint, MI area be interested in becoming part of the project? It steers and rolls. An open trailer would be fine. Time frame is totally up to you. Besides being forever in your debt, gas money is available to make your trip to Hershey and back free!




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Nice project, I hope you can work the transport out. If you are a member over at the H.A.M.B you might try posting there as well. Also over at the Ford Barn, although if you post at the Barn, Take a moment to introduce yourself, tell folks what you are trying to accomplish, and that you realize that this request is not Ford Related. Some folks over there get a little uptight over errant postings. But hundreds of those guys to to Harshly.

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