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Looking for Carter M847 Fuel Pump rebuild kit

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Hello, I went to start my 1940 pick up yesterday and it would not start. I took the line off of the carb and cranked the engine and nothing flowed out. The motor in the truck is newer, from around 52. The fuel pump is tagged with a Circled E and the numbers "588 230e" which I believe is a Carter M847 pump.

I think the rubber finally gave out. Any idea on a part number for a rebuild kit?

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Ughh... Truck stalled on me as I put the clutch in to pull into a parking spot at work and then wouldn't restart afterwords.

Popped the hood and the carb was leaking fuel bad from lots of places. I think the new pump might be a tad too much fuel pressure for the old carb, and I am probably due to rebuild the carb anyways.

Hopefully the fuel will evaporate enough so that the truck will start again after work so that I can limp home. I think the carb is flooded and so it won't start. I guess I have a weekend project now.

I think I'll get a fuel regulator aswell and set to 4 psi.

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I tore the carb apart, cleaned and soaked everything in carb cleaner overnight.

When I was rebuilding the carb, I noticed the float was way off, it should 5/64 (or about) below the body of the carb, I was measuring about 1/4 above. I should have checked prior to tearing it apart. This may explain why it was overflowing since the float was unable to push the needle back in. This could have been masked by the poor performing pump which couldn't deliver enough fuel to flood the carb.

I also took some time to block sand all the mating surfaces flat to help seal the carb at the gaskets.

So I'll see if this fixes my problem. If not, I will have to consider either a pressure regulator, or a different pump.



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