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What stuff to bring to Hershey

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Its that time of year again. I have a lot of stuff but cannot haul it all to Hershey. Let me know if you have an interest certain things and I will bring it.

Model T stuff: '19 rear fender, after market radiator, radiator surround, set of 23" rims and wheels, Set of rocky mountain brakes.

MGB: 67 engine, 74 engine, 2 4sp trans, rear out of 74, many other B parts, carbs, radiator, windshield, gauges, 1 yr only nerf bumpers, some NOS stuff.

Mercedes 11/112 coupe/cab: 6 sets of fenders, 2 complete sets of seats, interior wood, doors, trunk lid, hood, 5 radiators, etc, etc, all of this stuff is used.

Overland? 1915 set of fenders and splash aprons. Not sure but I think they are overland.

1983 Mercedes 300 SD Complete car that is running but has been off the road for about a year. $1200.00

Orange Field OBD 41-44


I am looking for sports cars and parts. MG, Triumph, Jag, Porsche, Mercedes, Alfa, Etc. etc. Let me know what you have.

I have more and will post when I come across it. Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone

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Hi, On your posting, suggest you post your space location in the ad. I am in the British car hobby and look for locks from any British car. On the

ignition switch, look for lock insert with letters/number on the face of the insert. Can remove the insert with key code number. Kind regards,

Pete Groh Ellicott City MD Phone 410 750-2352 (Leave a Message)

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