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1967 Lincoln NOS fender, may fit others, first Hershey delivery post

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I got this Lincoln front fender with my recent purchase of 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible, don't know application but it must fit that year and maybe others? Appears to be new old stock, maybe a repro if you know better than me, but I've seen no evidence that a production run of 2100 cars generated a lot of repro sheet metal.

I can bring to Carlisle or Hershey, have no desire to ship. Have no clue of worth but let's start at $800, has a couple of handling boo-boos but overall darn nice, and seems to be made of unobtainium as Mr. Google can't find one...post-31482-143142206481_thumb.jpg




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well, the proverbial BTTT...or bump to the top...sheesh, anyone out there need this? My Lincoln is fine, this fender is huge.....the front of the car gets to destinations before I do.

If anyone needs it and can take Hershey delivery, we can work something out, not giving it away of course, but let's say $500.....if you need it it's worth more...

thanks David.Coco@comcastspam.net (take the spam out, please).....or 540-5332885

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I have a friend who has a Lincoln that may be interested if the price was a bit lower. They used that fender on hardtops and convertibles, so I think your figure may be off a bit. We have seen good used fenders from $50 to $125, shoot we looked at a nice 66 project that had everything including 2 cherry fenders for $1000. Look around at what other fenders go for and let me know if your price can come down a bit. If your looking to sell it we can probably work something out, if you would rather hold onto that is ok as well. thanks

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