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Step Plate on A 1928 Whippet


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Wondering if anyone can offer what I might have here. Inherited Dad's 1928 Whippet Cabriolet Coupe with a rumble seat. During his restoration of this car, while transporting it to the body guy, looses the fender step plate for the rumble seat access. Somewhere down the road he buys another Whippet(?) step plate and it only lines up on the inside nearest the fender.


While it matches the pattern of the lower step plate, it does not line up with the holes that were in the fender with the old step plate.


I purchased another step plate from a fellow WOKR member who says it came from a Whippet and it isn't any larger than the one I have now so....

Any ideas what might be going on with this?

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Do the holes line up if you rotate it 90 degrees clockwise? I know it is counterintuitive that it should be that way.


I get what you eluding to but between the outer holes, there is a solid formed bar under the plate to support (and raise) the space for making the plate flat.

My guess now is that what was put on this car before, came from another make which had a wider (bigger) step plate. Guess I will have to consider drilling new holes to completely bolt the plate on and have the fender repainted (holes repaired) to make it right.

Thanks for the reply.


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