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1915 American LaFrance six Speedster project might be for sale soon...


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I am thinking of maybe selling my 1915 American LaFrance Speedster project.

If anyone is seriously interested contact me for details.

It is all 1915 gear, with the correct dripper 6 motor with dash mounted

Pederson pump.

Comes with lots of great parts old and new that have been bought for it over the past 5 years... Chassis shortened 14 inches to 12 foot wheelbase.... New tyres/tubes, rims (new), with hubs machined down ready for wood, 4 huge friction dampers (new), fully and recently rebuilt period dual ignition/twin spark magneto, Corbin tacho, full instruments. LOTS of brass, including a full set of head side and tail electric lamps from CM Hall. Newly made gas tank in stainless. New Momometer and rad cap, new drive sprockets machined to fit, and lots more I can't remember.

I even have a oil tank lever from a genuine Simplex to go on the dash.

Some pictures of the Speedster are here...


Car is in New Zealand but can be packed in a container for shipping





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