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I have no experience on the '53, but I have done a windshield on a '56.  Unless the rubber seal is relatively new, don't count on it being reusable.  I would get a fresh one (and make sure it seems correct) before removing the glass.  The biggest trick on the '56 was the stainless trim, especially the top center that locked into the seal and the trim around the wipers.  I don't know how similar they would be for '53.  I used a razor knife to cut away much of the old seal to reduce the stress on the glass while removing.


Re-installation is a 2 man job (at least), don't try to do it alone.

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Rétromobile show in Paris this week :


Some news from the Talbot Lago 1948 sold for 1,9M$ last year…





And a new record: 32.055.200 € (taxes included) for this Ferrari




I also found this Buick 1953 Woody.

I asked for the price: 140.000 €.

That sounds unbelievable for me. Would that be the price in the US?

I understand that only 670 were produced.



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Good morning,

Back from a long time ago…

I own a Buick Special Riviera 1953 (45R) and I would like to change my wiring harness.

I am lost with the different products names found on Cars Inc.


I see “1953 Buick Special Dash/Eng Harness Auto” (model WH5340DEHA à 950 $) and “1953 Buick Special Dash/Eng Harness Std” (model WH5340DEH @1 011.60 $).

What is the difference between “Auto” and “standard”?

Is it related with the gearbox (some being manual and some being automatic)?

I thought all Buick 1953 had an automatic gearbox.

Is the difference between Auto and Std, something else?


Is the difference between Auto and Std, something else?

Any advice on how to proceed?

Any advice on where to buy the wiring harness if not at Cars Inc?


Thanks in advance


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Welcome back, Alain,


   While most 1953s were automatic [ Dynaflow ] , there were a good number of standard 3 speed. I had one in 1960-1961. Black over red. 


    The difference in harnesses for the two are probably small, but important. The neutral safety switch being one.   Cars, Inc are good people, but are resellers. I have NO idea who makes their harness. Here are two of the more popular companies that manufacture replacement harnesses for old cars:


 YNZ      www.ynzyesterdaysparts.com


  Rhode Island Wiring    www.riwire.com


  Good Luck, and don't be gone so long!



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