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1958 Oldsmobile 98 original tire brand / size ?


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That 9.00 x 14 sounds to be correct, for the large cars like the Ninety-Eight, and also if it has air conditioning. Just going by what I know to be the case vis-a-vis the 1962 Oldsmobile full-size models. Not sure if the infamous "Pneumatic" air-suspension would have been a consideration on these cars; would be stunned if any '58s (and I guess it carried over to '59--not sure) still had this great-in-theory-but-not-in-reality idea.

The equivalent radial would be a 235/75/14, if that was any consideration as well, though I would be partial to the factory-correct bias-ply. I am guessing that with the '50s cars, you would have the wide whites as opposed to the narrow ones--I could hazard a pretty educated guess, but do not want to be wrong, so if someone could confirm the white-wall width, that would be great.

I'm still dreaming of owning a car just like yours, someday, btw... ;)

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Thanks for the info.

I called Wallace Wade tire in Texas. He said his book showed BF Goodrich only for the 58 Olds.

And for my car being AC equiped it was a BF Goodrich 900-14 Silvertown.

That jives with my original spare which makes me happy.

Uniroyal is interesting. I hadnt heard this but worth some research.

Thank you.

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