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Water Pump Rebuild Questions - 1948 Cadillac Series 62

Guest 48Ragtop

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Guest 48Ragtop

I've been considering having my water pump rebuilt for my 48 Cadillac. I've investigated the various rebuilders and what they offer. My question relates to sealed bearings vs. original type. Obviously there are rebuilders offering new sealed bearings claiming no need to periodically grease the pump. I've had one rebuilder who stated that he doesn't offer newer style bearings (sealed) because machining of the pump housing is needed to install them. He said, and this makes some sense, that it removes material and potentially weakens the pump housing. As a result he provides bearings that do require greasing, but can be installed without needing to machine the pump housing.

Another rebuilder told me that even with sealed bearings the rebuilt pump would still need periodic lubrication. Grease was needed for what I'm not sure??

Any feedback or experience on the issue of sealed bearings and/or machining of the pump housing would be appreciated.

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