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SAE 250 Gear Oil


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My 31 Lincoln Owner's Manual specifies SAE 250 gear oil for the transmission and the rear end, and also (!) for the water pump lube, shock links, steering knuckle tie rods, etc. I can find synthetic SAE-250 gear oil online, but it is made to GL-5 and uses synthetic base stock. I have heard that GL-5 is not good for systems that contain brass, but have also heard that the newer GL-5 oils have an MT-1 rating that makes them OK for yellow metals. So, my questions:

  1. Where can I buy GL-4 SAE-250 mineral (non-synthetic) oil?
  2. Who has experience with GL-5 SAE-250 oils in older (1929-33) transmissions and rear ends?

Input would be appreciated.


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Guest stephen48

I use Penrite 250 in the gearbox in my 1930 Oldsmobile. It feels very heavy until the oil reaches operating temperature then gear changing becomes straight forward.

Lighter oils made smooth gear changes difficult. Grade 250 was recommended by Penrite and I am happy with the result.The Olds has the normal Muncie gearbox with non-syncro gears.

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From my investigation of gear lubes so I put the correct one in my truck I believe that gear lubes are graded from GL1 - GL5. GL1 is plain old mineral oil with minimum if any additives. GL5 is like the regular gear 80/90 weight that you purchase for todays cars/trucks that is not synthetic.

For my truck I purchased GL1 because it does not have modern additives and I too had read that the additives in GL5 can damage the brass parts of a transmission or rear axle.

For the transmission I purchased 600 weight gear lube from LubriPlate SPO-299 is the part number.

Look at this link. http://www.lubriplate.com/Online-Store/Automotive-Products/SPO-299-one-quart-bottle.aspx

Here is an older discussion on gear oils. http://forums.aaca.org/f120/600-weight-gear-oil-264964.html

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