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1941 Cadillac Series 63 Sedan *SOLD*

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Most of you already know I'm a fan of 1941 Cadillacs, particularly those with the Hydra-Matic automatic transmission, and this Series 63 sedan is a handsome Full Classic that's ready to tour. I like the Series 63's look, which isn't quite a fastback but is more sporting than the other models, neatly bridging the gap between the non-Classic Series 61 fastbacks and the rest of the lineup. It was available for only two years, then vanished, so they're somewhat rare, too.

This particular 63 is a car with a lot of originality and has never been the subject of a full restoration, and I have no reason to doubt that the 70,000 or so miles shown on the odometer are correct. It has certainly been maintained as necessary and still looks good, but the overall condition suggests a car that has always been loved. The two-tone blue paint was apparently a special order, since there is no color code on the cowl tag, and it spent most of its life in service in the Washington DC area. If I had to guess, I'd say that the upper paint may very well be original, since it shows some cracking and checking, but the lower half is simply too nice to be 72 years old. There are a few amateur touch-ups on the light blue portions and I might enlist the help of a real body shop to get it back in shape (there's one spot of primer on one of the door posts). Regardless, it has a wonderful overall look that's all-of-a-piece where nothing stands out as too nice or too deteriorated, and it's considerably nicer than my HPOF-winning 60 Special. The chrome is spectacular, so nice that I have to think it was refinished at some point, which is a big plus on any car like this--the grille alone can cost thousands to restore. All the stainless and even the rubber fender guards are in great shape.

I also believe the interior is original, save for the front carpets, which are a disappointing replacement set. However, the seats, door panels, and headliner are all proper gray broadcloth and in wonderful condition, and there's no reason to believe they have been replaced. The driver's seat shows light signs of wear and stretching, but everything else is quite impressive. The woodgrained dash shows up bright and clear, and all the gauges are functional save for the clock and radio, but you already knew that. It has both under-seat heaters and a defroster, all of which work, and the trunk is neatly finished with the original burlap material and a full-sized spare tire, plus assorted manuals and tools. The only other known issue is that the fog lamps do not work, most likely due to burned-out bulbs, but neither the owner nor I have investigated.

We aren't sure whether the engine has been rebuilt, as it simply looks too good to be original. Whatever the case, it runs well, starts easily, and has that great V8 burble that Cadillacs do so well. Both the carburetor and water pump have been recently rebuilt, so it runs like a Cadillac should and the radiator shutters work correctly to keep it cool. The factory mechanical fuel pump still lives on the engine block, but the engine is actually fed by an electric pump that bypasses the mechanical one, because the owner didn't want to risk filling the crankcase with fuel if the diaphragm ruptured. The entire front suspension has been rebuilt, including new springs, and the Hydra-Matic transmission shifts well and is--shockingly--not a leaker. Four new Diamondback Classic wide whitewall radials have been recently fitted, and I think they're the absolute correct choice on a car like this.

A set of restored, matching steel fenderskirts with medallions are also included with the car, which are probably worth $1500 by themselves.

We're asking $24,900, which means this is a great deal of car for the money. Handsome, fast, spacious, and a Full Classic, this is a wonderful tour car that needs nothing to enjoy immediately. I like this car a lot!













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