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Description of Inputs/outputs of Carter AFB

Guest dwhiteside64

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Guest dwhiteside64


I am trying to familiarize myself with all the hoses that go to the Carter AFB. Does anyone know of a good picture that describes what goes in and out? Her is a pic of my carb. I labeled the hoses I am concerned about. A couble are obvious, but not sure about the others. Can anyone help me?



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A - Fuel line from filter to carb

B - Fresh air for choke. Goes to steel tube that comes from bottom of exhaust manifold. Not a vacuum line. The hose in the picture is really large for it's intended purpose.

C- Vacuum line to PCV valve. The other side of the T goes to the brake booster

D - Vacuum line to modulator on transmission.

E - With out a picture of the front of the engine, I'm guessing this is the fuel line from the fuel pump to the fuel filter. I you'll post another picture from a different angle, we can tell for sure. This is not the normal routing for this line, it's normally snaked up the front of the engine through the a/c compressor / alternator bracket. Is your car running the OEM fuel pump?

The wrapped steel line between C and E comes from the other end of B after it goes through the manifold to heat the air to the choke. It's a fresh air circuit for the choke. If you were running an electric choke, you wouldn't need this line.


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Guest dwhiteside64
...Is your car running the OEM fuel pump?

The fuel pump is OEM, the filter is not. About the only item that isn't. The extra hose that is only used on A/C equipped cars comes out the side (wierd). The filter looks new and seems to be ok, so I kept it the way I bought it. I think this line is normally on top of the filter - see pic of NOS filter. The fuel line from the fuel pump is on the bottom of the filter like expected. Thanks a heap for the great info by the way!


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