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Franklins & Hershey Fall Swap Meet


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Hello all,

I'm a Franklin club member from Australia, and I'll be attending Hershey this year. Just wondering where I'll be able to find the Franklin club site and other Franklin areas of interest?

Gee, I can't believe no one has responded yet. . . . And Hershey information is not even on the Club website.

OK, as far as i remember, "Franklin Row" at Hershey is on the Red field, the far upper right field, above Chocolate World and the old Stadium near Airport Road. And I think the spaces are in the vicinity of something like RNE-10. There are several Franklin people in that spot, including the official Franklin Club information. If you walk around that area, you can't miss it. That section of the Red field is pretty small, so just "stroll around the grounds until you feel at home. "

If you want to check for sure, once you buy a program look for the name "Christiansen" or "Schopmeier", or look for Franklin. Other Franklin people are scattered throughout Hershey. I stay at the Hershey Motor Lodge (where the RM Auction is) so if you are there too, please let me know. It would be really great to meet for breakfast or something.

--Scott Dwyer

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last minute notice: Please let me know if you need any HH Franklin Club projects brought to Hershey. I will be leaving Monday morning so I will need your request by Sunday evening. I am about to pick up 3 more exhaust pipes for side drafts so they are also available.

Bob Harrison

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