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'51 - '52 Radiator Core Support - same for all series

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Does anyone know - is the radiator core support for '51 - '52 the same part for 40-series as 50/70-series?


Thanks - the one in my '51 40-series had the diagonal and upper cross-bar cut out to make way for a super-thick radiator. Trying to get a replacement core support to bring this back to original. (photo is not the part from my car)

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It would be great if everybody that are searsing in the part books also will tell the first 4 digits then the parts number,that make it a lot easier for other to find the parts.In that case the first number is 1.270-1339852,even if the support has the same number the radiators are not the same 1.219-3123756 tells that radiator will fit on 1950-1952 ser.40-50 and 1.219-3123757 will fit on 1950-1952 ser.70.

Leif in Sweden.

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