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orient motor and rearend for sale


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Center chain-drive rearend with intrernal brake. Offset differential is aluminum. It has brackets for mounting to a frame attached to it. Comes with one wire wheel and hub for another one. Informed that it may be from a 1930's or earlier Harley-Davidson tricycle. $950.00 takes all. Also have Orient single cylinder engine, serial # 563. Motor is missing flywheel, carb and timer cover. It turns and has compression. Crankcase is in great shape and jug has only a couple chipped fins that are easily repairable. Also have 2 large, cast iron engine/frame mounting brackets that are included, but don't know wether they are correct for this engine. $2000.00 obo. Pictures for either items on request. For more information contact Bill at (270)-753-6124 or gnufe@apex.net<BR> <BR>Thanks

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Just wanted to correct my add a little. The orient engine is not missing the flywheels as they are internal. It is missing the friction wheel or the transmission, which depended on the year of the car as to which the engine had.<P>Thanks

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