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OLD Magazine ads 1913 to 1920

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I have several OLD magazine ads for sale.<BR>Includes the following vehicles.<BR>JACKSON 1913.<BR>CUTTING 1913<BR>MURRAY 1913<BR>CROW-ELKHART 1916<BR>CADILLAC 1920<BR>JORDAN 1920<BR>TEMPLAR 1920<BR>WINTON SIX 1912<BR>GMC 1912<BR>MOON 1920<BR>HAYES 1920<BR>LINDIVIDUAL TEENS<BR>GREAT - WESTERN FORTY TEENS<BR>ONEIDA MOTOR TRUCK 1920<BR>STEWART TRUCKS 1912<BR>MONROE 1916 , COLOR 4 PAGES PICURES<BR>HUPMOBILE 1916<BR>Several are color , most are 8 1/2 X 12 inches<BR>Some have a different car ad on back side.<BR>Some are double page ads.<BR>Price are reasonible on all, from $4.00 to $ 25.00<BR>For full description please inquire to ;<P>Jim Schilf / palbuick@aol.com

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