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The club is hale and hearty at 42 years of age!!! The Review editor is also the website moderator and he has ten or so Studebakers to restore so guess he is too busy playing with his cars to continually update the website. Incidentally the website is technically his and not the clubs so he is a volunteer. As such we are not too tough on him. By the way are you a member??

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Thanks for the information. Studeq, I was a member but somehow let my membership lapse a couple of years ago by losing my dues invoice; not a good excuse, but that is the truth. I loved the magazine and hoped to attend some regional event or another, but as life often does I was handed other priorities and unable to keep up with the Studebaker. Having recently gotten my Dictator back on the road I hoped to rejoin and eventually catch up with some other owners. Looking at the Website which states that it was most recently updated in 2/5/2010 I was fearful the club had gone into decline. Before paying renewed dues I wanted to check on the club's health.

BTW, I personally pay the fees for and manage no fewer than 4 club and association Websites. If I weren't caring for them and keeping them current I would take them down rather than put a bad face on the organizations. Being a volunteer does not mean you've been given license.

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