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I'm getting ready to cast the motor mounts for my 1932 Dodge DL. I'm going to use Devcon Flexane, which is a liquid urethane rubber that can be poured into a mold. I've used this stuff before to cast axle bumpers for my 29 Plymouth and it worked great. But axle bumpers are one thing and motor mounts another. Lots of things could go wrong here if I'm not careful. The problem I'm dealing with is two-fold: one, what hardness should I use for the rubber? As far as I can tell, Flexane comes in 60, 80 and 94 hardness. 60 is flexible, 80 is quite hard and 94 is like a hockey puck. I'm not sure how hard the rubber used in the Dodge mounts was. Certainly 94 is out of the question, but 80 seems like it might be too much, also. I read several articles on making mounts for more modern cars and most felt the 80 was firmer than the original stock mounts. The problem - I can find 80 all over the place, but 60 seems to be available only in the U.K., and I think 60 is what I need.

Problem two - my mounts are a mess. They've basically disintegrated into a semi-melted lump that is a formless blob squished flat. Are there any illustrated parts books that show a picture of these mounts? If so, I could come close to duplicating them. At the moment, I have no clue as to how thick they were originally.

Devcon makes a primer that really bonds the rubber to the metal. I experimented on my axle bumpers and the metal started to bend and tear before the rubber pulled off, so I'm confident this is as close to vulcanizing I'm going to get. Anybody want to chime in?

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