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1916 Dodge "Speedster"


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Someone very brave may be interested in this Dodge I built some 20 years ago. Since then it has been extensively modified and is without doubt the fastest Dodge 4 in the world.

At Aust $ 18,000 it certainly is not expensive. I can pass on any inquiries.


Dodge: NOT A BOYS' TOY. The Ultimate Dodge - This Is A Man's Toy. Cled Davies' 1916 Dodge Speedster is up for grabs @ $18,000. Holds National speed records, Targa Tasmania class winner, Quarter mile time & hill climb records. Plus extensively rallied locally & interstate for the past 18 years. An all round unique car - chassis # 83.313. VDC member # 3377 Contact Cled for further info

Mob: 0419581 854 - Tel.: 03 5

I am sorry I am unable to download the photo I have. Contact me and I will e-mail it to you.


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