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A great Buick day out in the '34 - Photos attached

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The '34 hasn't been out on a club for a long time so when we heard there was a run up to near my old home town we decided to motor along.

The weather forcast wasn't too promising with storms forecast but thankfully they didn't eventuate and we had blue skies and sunshine all weekend.

We took off on Saturday and stayed at my sister's that night. caught up with the group for Sunday lunch, toured over to a local car museum returning home Sunday evening.

Traveled a total of 250 miles and the '34 didn't miss a beat and averaged around 18mpg (imperial gallons).

What a great Buick weekend we had

Thought I would share some pic of the day out.













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Guest my3buicks

Great pictures - the blue 53 Super Riviera hardtop used to be my car - I am sad to see it move out of the country but it looks like it has good care. When the car was on ebay a while back I was sick at the condition the then owner had let get in. I loved that car!!!

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Sounds like a fun day, Brian.

Thank you for sharing the story and the pictures!

Is the 65 Wildcat still in Oz?

Yes the Wildcat is still here. It went to a club member in the next state so I haven't seen it since I sold it.

The 55 is the main focus now. I hope to have it back on the road next year.

Another Wildcat or a Riv might cross my path in the future...........never say never!!

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