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USA Road trip 2012 in a 69 Electra.

Guest 75RivGS

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5,768 mls road trip (OH/PA/NY/Canada/IN/MO/KS/MO/CO/UT/AZ/NM/TX).

Bought the Electra in OH: it was saved from a demo derby.

Electra did very well. Besides tires, wiper blades, timing, small cooling fluid leakage and problems with secondaries (all minor issues and all taken care of) and an AC re-charge (R12 :eek2::dollar::eek2:) the 225 only used less than a quart oil (most spill, if not all, was caused by leaking valve cover gaskets). Used 14,5 MPG on gas.

Visited lots of National and State Parks. Of all the miles we drove, less than 200 were on Interstates. We've made quite a few photos, but will post some Buick related ones here.

In a nutshell; USA in less than 3 minutes:

At the start a leaking fuel hose was repaired within a minute:


Won 2 prices (most original; odometer read 60,000mls believed to be original) and distance traveled) at BPG Nats:


A flat was to be expected with radial / ply tires:


Covered bridge:


Several Buicks (and others) at a dealer lot:








Dealership with a nice surprise inside the building:






The Electra stayed in TX during the winter of '12-'13 to do another trip in 2013 (including BPG Nationals).

If interest I will post the 2013 road trip here in a few days.

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By taking the roads you did, you've probably seen more of the real USA than most Americans. From the map you posted in the video, it looks like you were within about 5 miles of my place. Should have called. The least we could have done was take you out for dinner. :)


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@John: this was our 5th tour and already planning (and saving money) for a 2015 trip; maybe in the '69 Electra again (which is now in AL) or maybe another Buick (hunting for a 67 Wildcat coupe or 68 Wildcat conv).

But nothing serious yet. Plan is to travel the left coast (WA/OR/CA) by the end of July next year (Portland is in OR isn't it ;) ) and maybe Yellowstone NP.

@Ed: quite sure we will travel mid&midwest again. Will let you know.

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